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Beauty & The Beast (voice by Mia Farrow)
The original story, as created by Madame LePrince de Beaumont. Winner of Parents Choice Gold Aware, and the International Reading Association Award. Exquisitely animated video version has been called a "masterpiece." Music by Emmy winner Ernest Troost.
Pegasus, The Flying Horse (voice by Mia Farrow)
The Greek Myths involving Pegasus have been drawn together to present this incredible creature's entire story, from birth until his transformation into the constellation by Zeus. Winner, Parents Choice Honor Award. Music by Emmy winner Ernest Troost.
Noah's Ark (voice by James Earl Jones)
Based on Peter Spier's Caldecott winning picture book, this is probably the best version of the universally told Bible story ever created. Winner, Action For Children's Television Award and the Parents Choice Gold Award. Incredible music by the Police's Stewart Copeland. James Earl Jones tells it like no other could. Accepted by all religious groups.
Merlin & The Dragons (voice by Kevin Kline)
From the original Arthurian lore, author Jane Yolen scripted an exciting adventure about Merlin as a young boy. Disturbed by dreams of dragons fighting, Merlin discovers his own strength, and helps change British history. Kevin Kline does all the voices, Michel Rubini did the exciting music. Winner, American Library Association Notable Children's Recording award.
The Snow Queen (voice by Sigourney Weaver)
Hans Christian Andersen wrote this enchanting story of a young girl seeking to save her best friend (a young boy) from the clutches of the evil Snow Queen. Beautifully animated in Russia by young artists out to prove what they could do. Music by recording artist/producer Jason Miles (who has worked with Miles Davis, Luther Vandross, and Michael Jackson, among many others).
The Wild Swans (voice by Sigourney Weaver)
A second female hero story told by Hollywood's most beloved female hero, Sigourney Weaver. Also written by Hans Christian Andersen, this film features a young girl's challenge to save her brothers, who had been turned into swans by an evil witch. The final Stories To Remember production, and possibly the best. Music by Rob Hyman (he wrote "Time After Time" for Cyndi Lauper) and Eric Bazilian (he wrote "One of Us" for Joan Osborne) of the Hooters.
All Stories To Remember videos are literature based, and are fully animated (not just pan and scan over still images) to a degree not seen on Saturday morning cartoons. Each one is a work of art, painstakingly created to provide the best in children's entertainment. Every audio product is designed to stimulate a child's imagination, and is often longer and/or a different recording than was done for the corresponding video. All the videos are closed-captioned for the hearing impaired. You will probably not find a full collection of these at your local K-Mart. You have just found some wonderful, award-winning programs that will make you feel better about your television set. These are sure to be watched and/or listened to over and over again. For kids 5-12, but 3-5 year olds love them too.

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