Hangtime - Enhanced CD

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1) Make It Happen
2) Hangtime (listen)
3) Ibiza (listen)
4) How Much I Feel
5) Crazy Love
6) Moonbeams
7) Happy Times (listen)
8) Wishing On A Star
9) Sensation (listen)
10) Search Light
11) Foreward: I Love You (live bonus track)



Producers : Marcus Johnson & Gerald McCauley (co.exec. producer)
Jaared's new CD Hang Time is a testimony that the second time is a charm. Fresh off his 2001 debut album Foreward, his nomination as "Best New Artist of the Year" from the National Smooth Jazz Awards, and the number one single on London's JAZZ-FM, Jaared embarks upon an eclectic musical journey that proves that the saxophone is not just an instrument for jazz. Jaared's grooves have a "metropolitan smooth" flavor, the type of sound you would expect to hear at a chic European after-hours lounge, tunes to chill while standing on your balcony on a cool night and relaxing with a glass of wine. Audiences will find that Jaared's music has more of a refined urban feel than your typical smooth jazz tunes.

Jaared likes to describe the vibe of Foreward, his hit CD that took the smooth jazz world by storm upon its release in the Spring of 2000, as “the next factor.” It was all about a soulful cool, a mid-tempo metropolitan smooth style, heavy on the urban saxophone seduction. Its first single “Love Takes Over” was the number one most added tune the week it came out (according to Radio & Records and the Gavin charts) and hit #5 in Japan and #1 in England. The Washington D.C. native’s inevitable splash onto Billboard’s contemporary jazz chart helped establish him as a top new artist in the genre, which culminated in his nomination for Best New Artist at the 3rd Annual National Smooth Jazz Awards and an unforgettable live performance at the awards ceremony in March of 2002.

Hang Time, Jaared’s long anticipated Marimelj Entertainment follow-up, carries that cool vibe to deep extremes while also showing a richer diversity in the veteran saxman’s artistry. Jaared’s chief alto sax influence is David Sanborn, and he’s been inspired in recent years by Nelson Rangell. Yet going back further, he’s a huge fan of legends like Ace Cannon, Boots Randolph and Stan Getz. He delves into a bit of fusion and even be-bop on “Search Light.” There’s a colorful Latin flavor on “Ibiza,” co-written by keyboardist and label founder Marcus Johnson about an island off the coast of Spain (the track features guitarist Ken Navarro). This past year, Jaared has been doing numerous Midwest and East Coast dates with guitarist Peter White, and this joyful experience is reflected in “Happy Times,” a spirited light funk gem featuring the guitarist’s trademark acoustic style.

Overall, the grooves are chunkier, the tempos more “up” and the feeling very vibrant, “a full realization of the direction I’m headed,” says Jaared. “I wrote the title track after a recent trip to San Francisco, where I heard a lot of club mixes, even ones of jazz tunes, and funky dance music. I liked the dance element, and I wanted to do more songs with that vibe. It’s also a way to reach a more global audience with my music, since that style is big in Europe. I played it a little laid back on Foreward, and most of the tracks had a similar tempo, but here I’m showing my more aggressive side. As a sideman, I’ve played all kinds of music over the years, from traditional jazz to Latin to hardcore R&B, and Hang Time reflects more of that mix. It’s a great balance, focused on smooth jazz but moving in other directions as well."

While a solid songwriter and producer in his own right, Jaared loves the art of collaboration, and on Hang Time hands the production reins to Marcus Johnson (who produces five tracks and co-produced another) and Nate Smith (who does four tracks). Johnson’s include the heavy grooving “Make It Happen,” which was originally written by Jaared’s keyboardist Patrick Cooper as an intro theme to the nationally syndicated, D.C. based talk show 8101; the lush, Latin tinged “Ibiza”; a unique, percussive twist on Ambrosia’s “How Much I Feel,” featuring Jaared himself singing the vocal chorus; a beautifully intimate cover “Crazy Love”, performed as a duet by Jaared and guitarist Stan Cooper; and the bouncy, optimistic “Happy Times.” Johnson co-produced the heavily urban-vibed “Sensation” with Jackiem Joyner, another saxman signed to Marimelj who wrote and recorded the original version of the song. Though Jaared’s primary instrument is the alto sax, this tune is a beautiful showcase for his incredible soprano virtuosity. Nate Smith is perhaps best known as one of the producers of Michael Jackson’s hit album Invincible, including the popular single “Heaven Can Wait,” and adds his urban jazz expertise here to the club flavored, body swaying title track; the gorgeous, dreamy “Moonbeam,” which Jaared describes as “a song that makes you feel you’re floating into the night sky”; a modern urban reworking of the Rose Royce classic “Wishing On A Star”; and “Search Light,” a multi-faceted uptempo track that starts out as sizzling smooth jazz before digging deep into Jaared’s love for fusion and be-bop. The tune features some of Jaared’s most intense soloing. Hang Time also features a live, heartfelt version of “Foreward: I Love You,” the title track from Jaared’s debut album, and ends with a powerful version of the “Star Spangled Banner”.

Only a handful of people have had the unique experience of hearing Jaared Arosemena hold a single note for 40 minutes, all the more remarkable a feat because of the chronic asthma he suffered from as a child. When he was six, a doctor advised that he learn a wind instrument to help strengthen his lungs, and from then on, music was his life. “I listened to a lot of great sax players when I was growing up, but never took it seriously as a possible career path for myself until I heard David Sanborn play,” he says. “I knew then it was my calling. I need it like I need air and water to survive.” Jaared is currently a spokesperson for the American Lung Association of the District of Columbia.

Jaared was touring with Maysa (lead singer of international soul jazz band Incognito) in 1995 when he realized it was time to devote himself to a solo career. He began working on demo recordings and created a video of his performance of “Hey Jude” at a local club date, which later made the semi-finals on BET on Jazz’s “Jazz Discovery” show in 1998. This video and a subsequent demo with a handful of cover tunes caught the attention of Marcus Johnson, who was about to launch Marimelj Entertainment.

“Everything came together to start my solo career from there, and it’s been an amazing experience so far,” says Jaared. “I’m really a people person, and I have really enjoyed being able to perform for people in so many different places, especially when they’re enjoying my own material. One of my favorite sayings someone once told me is, ‘A bad day playing music is better than a good day in the office.’ I love making music and feel fortunate to be able to pursue the one thing I believe God put me here to do.”

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