Chapter III

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1. Intro
2. Hate To Love You (listen)
3. Relax
4. Let Him Go
5. Longlost Love
6. I Think I’m In Love
7. Sitting At Home
8. Bittersweet
9. Just Can’t Stay Here
10. Uh-Oh (feat. Elephant Man) (listen)
11. I Watch Ya
12. Frustratin’
13. Gospel Interlude
14. Stay (listen)
15. I Think I’m In Love (Remix feat. Joe Buddens)
16. I Feel So (feat. Ron Artest)


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"Uh Oh"

feat. Elephant Man



It's all systems go with Chapter III - Allure's third album. The difference this time: direction. They give it and take it on Chapter III. Working with some of the top producers in the business, the results are spectacular.

Allure - Alia, Akissa, and Lalisha. Their voices are angelic and they really do have some of the best combined harmonies since…umm….En Vogue! Which are heavenly displayed from the first song to the last.

Co-written by the group, Chapter III is the true definition of "Where Hip Hop and R&B Live." Lead double-sided single: The Edmonds Group's crazy Uh Oh, featuring the highly visible Elephant Man. And the infectious flip side Hate To Love You.

Chapter III is an album full of potential singles. Also lending his in-demand Producing Skills on several cuts - Tricky Stewart. Frustratin' is a ditty that will be waiting to climb on everyone's playlist. Other highlights, including the dreamy ballad Stay, await the listener.

Alia, Akissa, and Lalisha are sure to satisfy their existing fan base…as well as taking on new ones with Chapter III.

The roots of Allure lay in the early '90s, when childhood friends Alia Davis, Lalisha McLean, and Akissa Mendez were studying at the LaGuardia High School for the Performing Arts in New York. After encouragement from friends and family who realized the young ladies had a special gift for singing, the girls decided to form a full-fledged group. They recruited a fourth member, Linnie Belcher, who was a friend of Davis, to fill out the group. For the next two years, they rehearsed and practiced eventually securing management connections, which brought them to the attention of Poke, a member of the production team Track Masters. Poke worked with the then unnamed group and soon signed them to Track Masters under the name Allure. The talent of Allure garnered them recognition that was inevitable. The girls then went on to become the first band signed to Mariah Carey’s Crave Records distributed through Sony.

Such connections ensured that Allure would be promoted well and that their 1997 self-titled debut would have cameos by such stars as Nas, L.L. Cool J, Raekwon, 112, Q-Tip, and Mariah Carey herself. That year the hit “Head Over Heels, which featured Nas was also born. Unfortunately, Crave Records folded shortly after the album’s release and the girls were back to square one. They quickly landed on their feet at Columbia records where they recorded songs for the “Best Man,” and “Runaway Bride,” soundtracks, and then went on to MCA records where they recorded their sophomore album, “Sunny Days,” which included the smash single “Enjoy Yourself.” But again bad luck struck the group when MCA folded, the group was once again left without a recording contract and Belcher decided to leave the group to pursue a solo career.

If anything Allure has been resilient through the ups and downs of their careers and were determined not to let the previous setbacks derail their dreams and kept working hard. That perseverance would pay off and the group was soon presented with another recording situation in the form of Indiana Pacers star, Ron Artest’s Truwarier Records. Now signed to Lightyear/Wea/Truwarier Records, the group is currently finishing up their third album titled “Chapter Three.” Says Akissa, “On this album we’ve collaborated with producers who we’ve maintained great relationships over the years and who’ve stuck by us through our ups and downs.” With heavyweight producers like Tricky Stewart and the Edmonds Group on board, and cameos from rap stars Joe Budden and Elephant Man, Allure is once again poised to saturate the R&B world with their soulful, urban-drenched sound, but this time they’re here to stay.

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Allure: vocals


The Edmonds Group
Tricky Stewart (Britney Spears, Madonna, Maya)
Frank Nitti